The Davidson Family

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Landon and his brother Jared boxing. Every trip to Utah has to involve Landon wrestling or fighting in some form with his siblings!

Elliot petting the sting rays. It is fun to see you kids do things that just a year earlier they were afraid to try.

Here is Elliot and her cousin Bailey at the aquarium. The girls had so much fun together.

We took a trip to Utah to visit family and let everyone meet Nolan. When there our transmission went out and so we got to spend a little more time and money than planned but we had a good time.

We took a little trip to California while we both had some time off. This is at the LA Zoo.

Elliot loves to hold her brother. Though Nolan is not too sure about it especially as he gets bigger. He always make a nervous moan when he is on her lap.

Elliot and Nolan with their cousin Rylee (if you can't tell Rylee is Aaron and Amy's baby). Rylee was born March 2nd. It is so fun having the 2 new babies!

Elliot gave her first talk at church. Daddy helped and she did a really good job.

Introducing Nolan Bear Davidson. Born March 19, 2010 at 11:03pm, weighing 6lbs4oz and 18.5inches long. He was 4 1/2 weeks early. He would have been pretty big if he made it to 39weeks.

Friday, February 12, 2010

On Sunday the primary secretary escorted Elliot to Relief Society after church to inform me that they will be singing "As I have Loved You" in sacrament meeting next week and that Elliot does not know the song but still sang very loudly. She said that they were quite entertained but maybe we could help her learn the song during the week. I love my Elliot. I always knew I would have the kid singing at the top of their lungs from the pulpit. Landon and I have been working with her all week, we will see if it pays off on Sunday.

Sorry for the lack in posts. Between being 30weeks pregnant with a very active boy and working nights blog posts have not been on the top of my list of things to do.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Trick or Treating

We had a pretty fun Halloween this year. After the Zoo we headed back to my parent's house and painted pumpkins (sorry no pictures) and then later on that evening took Elliot to the trunk or treat at the church (sorry no pictures again). And as if Elliot did not have enough candy we went with the Christensens and let Elliot and Ella go trick or treating around Grammy's (Shana's Mom) neighborhood. The girls had so much fun. Ella had on a cute Peter Pan costume. Too bad everyone kept asking her if she was Robin Hood, but Ella just thought it was funny and would correct them.

This gorilla (Shana's brother-in-law) was sitting on Grammy's porch. It was pretty fun to watch trick or treaters avoid the house because of him. The girls were not too sure about sitting on his lap but we got them to do it anyway, at least long enough to take a picture.

Moapa Zoo

I read in the paper about this zoo in Moapa owned by a married couple that are both vets. It is really their collection of exotic animals and they open to the public once or twice a month to help cover the cost of food. They opened it for Halloween and invited the kids to wear their costumes. We were able to convince my parents, Aaron and Amy and Amy's Mom to come along too. We ended up all having a really good time.

What made this zoo so fun was the interaction with the animals. We got to hold a baby kangaroo and pet a monkey and a sloth.

Here is a little deer we were petting. Elliot is fearless with animals. The people that worked at the zoo were amazed at how gentle and calm she was with all of the animals. It was cute to see the chicken petting all of the animals. It was funny some of the animals tried to pet Elliot, they were very curious about her costume. Elliot also got pet by another kid, I guess they thought she was part of the exhibits.

Elliot and Papa.

Springs Preserve

We went with the Christensens to the Spring's Preserve for their halloween event. Elliot and Ella had fun wearing their costumes, collecting candy and playing carnival games.

Landon and Stewart being themselves...what else is there to say.

Elliot was approached by this little girl who was so excited to meet another chicken. It was really cute so we had to take a picture.

For dance class before Halloween the kids were asked to wear their costumes. We decided that Elliot's chicken costume would be too warm to dance in so she got to wear one of her princess dresses. She chose Snow is her favorite right now since Grandma just bought her the DVD. All of the girls had on princess dresses (shocker!) and their teacher was a pirate.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Expanding vocabulary

Elliot has to buckle her own car seat. Landon started backing out of the driveway before Elliot had finished buckling up. She said "Stop driving, you can't drive the car when kids are not buckled up. Dad you frustrate me." I did not even know she knew what frustrated meant.

Later that night she sat next to Landon on the couch and said "Dad, you are cute." Landon said "Thank you, you are cute too. Do I still make you frustrated?" Elliot responded "umm yes".

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Elliot is 3!

Elliot spent her 3rd birthday with her friend Ella. The day started out with Elliot waking me up at 5am with an enthusiastic "It's my birthday". Which I told her it was a little early to start celebrating. So thankfully I was able to get her to cuddle for a couple more hours. We spent the afternoon at swim lessons followed by a 3 hour nap. We had to wake Elliot up so she could open her presents and eat dinner before the planned activities (that is why she looks so tired in the pictures). We took the Christensens to skymania and the girls and the adults wore themselves out jumping on the trampolines. Afterward we took two tired girls out for dessert. Elliot had a fun birthday and she enjoys telling everyone that she is 3 years old now.

We celebrated Elliot's birthday with my family on the following Sunday. So if you don't mind listening to the beautiful vocal talents of my family her is a cute video of Elliot.